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All about the horses

Documents for horses:

The only official document for horses is "Certification about descent of the horse". This document is issued by competent organizations. ASCHK has been issuing the Certifications since 1994 for born and properly marked foals in a computer form.

  • Until 31.12.1994 the Certifications were issued after the owner´s order by municipal stud farms only for elder horses.
  • Since 1.1.1995, the Certifications for elder horses have been issuing by ASCHK and on the base of a written application of the horse owner. In this application it is necessary to introduce the following: the name of the horse, sex, burn, the owner´s address, the address of the horse stable and a telephone contact. It is necessary to enclose the original of a document about insemination to the application!
  • For the horses born in 1996, the Certifications are issued only for horses that come from parents enrolled in the Pedigree Book.
  • The Pedigree Book insists on making blood tests for paternity in all foals being born after insemination since 1994. When this test is aksed, the horse owner is obliged to arrange for the following:
    1. He must send a written application for execution of the blood test to the address: Českomoravská společnost chovatelů, a.s., laboratory of immunogenetics, 252 09 Hradištko pod Medníkem, or he must call the number 02/9941268 - Ing. Glasnak.
    2. The laboratory of immunogenetics sends a needful number of test-glasses and a form to be filled in to the owner.
    3. The owner has the blood samples taken by the veterinary from the mother and the foal for which the blood test is asked. The father´s blood samples are not taken because each licenced stallion has the blood type done before.
    4. The test-glasses must be clearly and unwashably marked, safely packed and sent to the above shown address together with the filled form.
    5. After elaboration of the blood samples, the laboratory of immunogenetics will send a notice with the results to the owner. The horse owner who ordered the blood test should pay an amount of about 1.500,- CzK for one blood test.
    6. The horse owner will send the certification (or a copy) to Hřebčín Slatiňany, Official evidence (Úřední evidence), post code 538 21, and ask for a „Certification about descent of the horse."

Extract from the Official evidence is not an official horse document, it serves only as an auxiliary evidence for horses that do not fulfil conditions of the Pedigree Book, and for horses whose owner is not interested in execution of the „Certification about descent of the horse."

Extract from the Pedigree Book of mares is valid only for mares born before 1994.

Horse card - - this document will be introduced in a short time! In correspondence with the rules of European Union it will serve for precise identification of horses, for veterinary attestations and records about results of insemination.